Mocking Beethoven

I'm in the process of engraving state birds. Since I live in Tennessee, I chose the mockingbird to do first. One of the joys I get from doing different birds is that I learn about them in the process. Also, once I research and go through the process of engraving a bird, it becomes part of me forever—always recognizing it when I see it. In learning about the mockingbird, I learned that they like to sing during a full moon! Also, around the same time, I learned that an artist friend of mine teaches her resident mockingbirds songs, including "Beethoven's Fifth" and "Dixie"! That is what inspired my engraving "Mocking Beethoven". What songs would you teach the mockingbirds in your area? I'm going to teach mine "Amazing Grace".

#mockingbird #Natureart #Birdart

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