What Is Prophetic Art?

"Simply put, prophetic art is ‘creating art with God’. It's this beautiful dance where as artists, we do the thing that God has put on our heart through our creative process...
It's about continually cultivating ears to hear, eyes to see, and senses to feel what God is saying and doing within your world.”

— Matt Tommey
Live Worship Painting

My Process

Sometimes my process begins with an urge to paint a specific subject matter. When I take time and sit with the Lord, He will give me insight into what the specific subject matter means at the moment and then verses from His Word to accompany the vision that follows. Often, I translate the verses into Hebrew and incorporate them into the artwork.  Other times, the meaning for a specific subject matter isn't revealed to me right away, and confirmation comes for certain people who encounter the work, especially when I'm painting "live" during a public worship setting.  

I'll give you an example — one time, I had such a strong vision to paint a red balloon. Trust me when I say I really didn't want to show up at this church for the first time and paint a red balloon. But the Lord would not let this one go. I would wake up in the middle of the night with "red balloon, red balloon, red balloon" in the forefront of my mind. This went on for a couple of days until I finally gave in and agreed to paint one at an upcoming live session. This took some serious trust because I worried that people would think it wasn't "Christian" enough and I wasn't sure how I would explain the painting after it was finished.

Screen Shot 2021-08-06 at 9.38.21 PM.png

So the day came and the worship team played while I painted this big ol' red balloon. I hadn't put my brush down when a lady approached me doing "the ugly cry". You know — the snot-and-mascara-running-don't-care kind of crying. She proceeded to tell me that, the day before, she had found a whole bunch of balloon weights in her yard and she had asked the Lord what this meant. He told her that the balloons represented all of her prayers that had gone up for her children. The Lord then confirmed this for her the next day by having me paint that big red balloon. Talk about specific! 

That experience was so important for everyone involved. The Lord showed me that the visions He gives me are legitimate and not "just my imagination". He showed her that he was listening, that she clearly heard Him, and how much He loves her by having me paint that balloon just for her. And, he showed the rest of the church how much He loves us and cares about every detail of our lives, and that he will use the most creative means to communicate with us. 

I tell you, every time I think I'm stepping out on my own, the Lord already has plans for what I'm doing. One time, I was preparing to paint a Lion of Judah for an upcoming worship event at a church in Leeds, Alabama. I had painted at that church many times and knew the people there. I thought to myself, "I think I will present this lion to the pastor's right-hand man. He so selflessly serves the kingdom and I want to honor him."  I proceeded to go ahead and write his name on the back of the canvas with a little note. During the worship service, unbeknownst to me, the pastor sent me a text asking me if I would please present that painting to that same man, to honor him!  So I presented the painting and everyone was happy and smiling and as I was packing up I checked my phone. BUT GOD! LOL, I showed the pastor what was already written on the back of the painting and we all had a good laugh with the Lord, marveling at His goodness. 

Astrophysicist Hugh Ross, author of Reasons To Believe, May 2020

Astrophysicist Hugh Ross, Author
Reasons To Believe.   https://reasons.org/

Another time, I was painting during a live teaching with Astrophysicist Hugh Ross, author of Reasons To Believe. (He proves that the creation of the World, as written in Genesis, is actually proven to be correct by science!)  I had a vision of painting a rendition of the Lord creating a wild goose (wild geese represent the Holy Spirit). I chose to paint a Canadian goose.  Turns out that Hugh is Canadian!!!  We had a laugh over that one.

Okay, one more. This is not about a live worship painting, but a commission. A man asked me to paint a portrait of himself from behind, walking down a country road with Jesus. I really got creative with this one, incorporating musical elements throughout, reflecting his love of gospel music. I'm not going to lie, I was having an emotionally hard time with this one, knowing his health struggles. I worried that I was painting his departure from the planet, and it was tearing me up on the inside. When the painting was almost complete, it just seemed like it was missing something. I had an urge to paint large bubbles in the scene — you know, those beautiful iridescent bubbles you blew as a child. The painting was whimsical, anyway, so I thought, "Why not? It will just bring another fun element to this piece."  When I presented the painting to him, he was quite taken aback. "Did you know how much I love that movie, The Wizard of Oz?  As a child, that was my favorite movie. My favorite parts were whenever the bubbles would show up because that meant help was on the way!"  

The Lord used that painting to encourage and love on him in a way that was so meaningful to him.  It became part of his testimony and we marveled at the goodness of God. That was a couple of years ago, and he's still thriving today, fervently serving the Kingdom with all of his heart. 


There are just so many times similar things have happened, I could just go on and on.  What blesses me the most is to see the Lord at work in His relationship with others, and I get to be a part of it.  It's just such an honor and a blessing to be a citizen of the Kingdom of The Lord.

Samples of My Live Worship Art
Judy Jacobs.jpg

Presenting "Hear The Roar" to American Gospel Singer, Judy Jacobs.

Bishop Maurice Valentine.jpg

Bishop Dr. Maurice C. Valentine of Life Changing Christian Center in Pelham, AL

Arise Birmingham Leif Hetland and Randy Clark.jpg

At Arise Birmingham during tent revival, with pastors Randy Clark, founder of Global Awakening, and Leif Hetland, founder & president of Global Mission Awareness.

Angel with dove Sample.jpg

"He Goes Before Us"

-Smaller size Shofar Blowing.jpg

"Call To Worship"

Harvest Angel Small size.jpg

"Angel Of The Harvest"

Spirit & Bride (Horse & Dove).jpg

"The Spirit and The Bride"

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